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A Harry Potter Series Challenge
What is HARRY POTTER Land about?
Like heroesland, it is an interactive community with competition. You will be placed in one of the teams of your choice: Team Gryffindor, Team Hufflepuff, Team Ravenclaw, and Team Slytherin. You will than compete against the other teams to defeat each other. Every four months votes will be tallied and the team with the greatest points wins. What do you mean defeat each other? Unlike whedonland where they defeat an apocalypse every four months, you will be pitted up against each other. Fighting the fight. Depending on which team wins, that House wins the House Cup that round.
How do I get points?
There are TONS of ways to get points for your team, which will be posted as they come about. There will be fanfic challenges, fanart challenges, trivia games, and other random stuff so you can participate.
Should I JOIN or just WATCH?
No, hpotterland is a participation community, thus you have to participate in your teams challenges. If you just watch then no team will be able to get points, etc...

Every four months there will be a clean out of members who haven't participated. So please, if you want to join, make sure you earn your team some points.
How do I Join?
Please go to this post and fill out the application. You will then get an invite this community. After that you will get an invite from your team community. What do I do in my team community?: A whole lot of stuff! Depending on your team captain(s), you can have games, friending memes, discussions, re-watched, etc... The possibilities are endless :]

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